Sunday, June 19, 2011

Running: actual versus target

This is a chart showing how my actual mileage for the year has been progressing against a target of 2 miles per day. I started off aiming for 1000k for the year (1.7 miles per day), but I'm comfortable beating that so I've upgraded my goal.

I've been using dailymile to track my running and cycling.  To generate the chart I wrote a perl script to extract my data for this year, find the Running entries, and output a table of dates with cumulative mileages.

I'm currently manually copying the output in to a google docs spreadsheet. It'd be nice to automate the update of the spreadsheet too but I'll leave that for another day...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cycling to Work 2011

Cycling to Work 2011 Chart

I've converted my local spreadsheet to Google Docs. The advantages are that I can:
  • "live" publish the latest version, by which I mean that when I update the data the image above is automatically updated
  • update it from any computer with web access, without installing any software
  • share the spreadsheet for others to copy or suggest improvements
  • do this for free

How am I doing so far?  Of 101 trips to the office, I cycled 83 of them - 82.2%

Of the 17 drives to work:
  • 1 was to try out (alright, show off) my new car
  • 4 were giving a lift to Jenny and her Italian exchange student friend
  • 1 was to take Jenny and her Italian exchange luggage to school
  • 1 was to take a tent and kit to work for Mark Halliday's stag weekend
  • 1 was to get in time to present at some education I helped create
  • 7 were due to inclement weather. On most of these I also gave Isobel a lift to school which is on the way to work.
Projecting out my current rate I'm looking at about 183 for the year.  Last year I totalled 130ish but I didn't start until the clocks changed.

I'm hoping that I can achieve more vacation than drives to work.  Bring it on!